The Speakeasy Jazz Orchestra

The Party Band for Unforgettable 1920s Prohibition-Era Themed Events (Based in Dallas-Ft. Worth)

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  • Unique, fun, entertaining, and can get the party started with non-stop period-style dance music for Charleston and swing dancing.
  • Wide repertoire to fit your tastes: from classic period repertoire (vocal & instrumental) to modern pop re-imagined in a 1920s style.
  • Dinner Cabaret: Vocal & instrumental features presenting a mix of musical theater songs, period songs, and modern pop songs. Even features optional dancers!
  • Dance Sets with non-stop music: We offer up to four high energy, non-stop dance sets to keep the party going! (Dance sets can be purely acoustic for a more authentic period experience... or, provide an electro-dixie-swing beat for more modern sensibilities, but with a strong 1920s vibe.)
The Speakeasy Jazz Orchestra offers a cabaret-like dinner show followed by a high-energy neo-Dixie-swing dance vibe perfect for a 1920s-themed "Great Gatsby" party... or simply for those who love this style of music! 
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The Band:

The Speakeasy Jazz Orchestra has a very similar configuration to the Harlem jazz bands of Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, and Fletcher Henderson of the mid to late 1920s. We use 3 Woodwinds (Clarinet, Alto Sax, and Tenor Sax), 3 Brass (2 Trumpets and Trombone), 1 Violin, and 4-Piece Rhythm Section (Piano, Banjo/Guitar, Tuba, and Drums), with a female vocalist dressed as a flapper girl. 

[Historical note: as the 1920s progressed, jazz began to evolve from the raucous collective improvisation we now call "Dixieland" (the style of The Dixie Bootleggers) to a more refined style. By the early to mid 1930s, this settled into the full big band instrumentation and swing style that dominated the next 10+ years of popular music.]

The Dinner Cabaret Show:

The Dinner Cabaret Show features up to two 45-minute sets of musical theater numbers, popular songs of the period, instrumental features, modern pop re-imagined in a 1920s style, and optional dancers (tap & Charleston), with anecdotes, skits, and humor filling in the gaps as the band changes numbers. 

The band features a mix of popular period songs like Makin' WhoopeeAin't Misbehavin', and I've Found A New Baby, along with period instrumental hits like The Mooche, East St. Louis Toodle-Oo, and Charleston, as well as more modern songs arranged in the style like All About That BassLove YourselfCareless Whisper, and others. 

The dinner sets offer the flexibility to choose the songs you'd really love to hear, and if it's not in our repertoire, we can add it (assuming it is adaptable to the style) for a reasonable arranging/rehearsal fee, to be arranged by our Music Director and professional arranger, J. Aaron Stanley. 

Between band sets, the audio engineer will play period recordings, or electro-dixie-swing tracks, to avoid awkward silences between sets, if desired. 

Scroll down to check out our Dinner Cabaret repertoire.

The Dance Set(s):

For those who love to dance the Charleston--or just move your body to some "hot jazz"--we can present up to three entire dance sets of non-stop music made up of favorite standards like Charleston, That's A Plenty, St. Louis Blues, Crazy Rhythm, Puttin' on the Ritz, and much more--plus some modern pop songs and dance standards re-imagined in a 1920s style! 

Taking cues from the popular Top-40 party bands, we've arranged the songs so that each song flows into the next without awkward silences between them. 

The dance set can be entirely acoustic, or with an electronic sequence that provides an electro-swing dance beat to create a more modern club atmosphere with a vintage dixie-swing vibe. 

If you want a full-on Roaring 20s/Great Gatsby/Jazz Age party that pulls all the stops, The Speakeasy Jazz Orchestra is the obvious choice to get the party started and sustain it until the cops arrive to raid the joint! 
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We're Jazz Musicians, But We Don't Just "Wing-It."

Hi, I'm Aaron Stanley, the creator, bandleader, solo trumpeter, and arranger for The Speakeasy Jazz Orchestra. I created this band from the ground up to be a 1920s style party band (with some optional modern dance beats) that provides an unforgettable vintage experience. 

love this music, so I work hard to select the best repertoire, create interesting and unique arrangements, and hire amazing performers who also love the music. Here's what else you can expect...
  • No awkward silences: we come prepared with a well-balanced set list (list of songs to play, in order), so there is never an awkward discussion about what to play next. For the Cabaret Show, we bridge the gap between songs as the band changes numbers with anecdotes, humor, and skits. For the dance sets, the music is arranged to provide non-stop music from beginning to end, and our audio engineer is ready to take over with a pre-selected play-list the moment the band takes a break between sets. 

  • More of your favorite songs per set: In addition to being more organized with our set lists, we do shorter, more compact arrangements so you can hear more of your favorite songs per set. (Plus, we aren't limited to our repertoire list. Since I'm a professional arranger, we can play a thrilling version of pretty much any song you want to hear for an extra arranging/rehearsal fee.)

  • Professional Quality Sound. In addition to our talented musicians--each of whom are artists in their own right--I've learned from experience that bringing my own professional audio engineer and equipment is critical to ensuring the band always sounds great, is properly balanced, EQ'd properly, and that the sound levels are appropriate for the event. (This is something many other bands of this type don't put enough focus on.)

  • Professional vibes. We take seriously the importance of showing up on time, being dressed appropriately for the event, being ready to entertain, and also refraining from alcohol while we're working. 
All the above helps insure the best possible experience for everyone involved, from the event planner to the guests. Let The Speakeasy Jazz Orchestra put your mind at ease and create an unforgettable vintage experience for your guests!
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The Speakeasy Jazz Orchestra Repertoire

The Dinner Cabaret Show:

The Dinner Cabaret Show is a purely acoustic Cabaret-style show with vocal and instrumental features, and optional dancers. We generally perform 1-2 dinner sets before moving to the dance sets. 
Dinner Show Openers/Closers:
All That Jazz (from Chicago)
Anything Goes (from Anything Goes)
Cabaret (from Cabaret)
Ev'rybody Wants to be a Cat (from The Aristocats)
Period Songs (Vocal):
Ain't Misbehavin' 
All Of Me
Crazy Rhythm+
Diga Diga Doo+
Dream A Little Dream of Me
Everybody Loves My Baby+
Fascinating Rhythm+
Exactly Like You+
I Can't Give You Anything But Love+
I Found A New Baby+
I Got Rhythm+
It Don't Mean A Thing+
La Vie En Rose
Makin' Whoopee
Puttin' On The Ritz+
When I Get Low I Get High+

+Indicates songs that also appear in the dance repertoire, with an optional electro-dixie-swing beat. 
Period Instrumentals:
1919 Rag+
Ain't Misbehavin'
Ain't She Sweet+
Alexander's Ragtime Band+
All of Me
Basin Street Blues
*Clarinet Marmalade+
Cornet Chop Suey (Louis Armstrong)
Cotton Club Stomp (Duke Ellington)
Dream A Little Dream of Me
East St. Louis Toodle-Oo (Duke Ellington)
The Entertainer+
Fidgety Feet+
Gut Bucket Blues+ (Louis Armstrong)
Happy Birthday / Las Mañanitas 
La Vie En Rose
Las Mañanitas / Happy Birthday
Lazy River
Mack the Knife+
The Mooche (Duke Ellington)
Mood Indigo (Duke Ellington)
Muskrat Ramble+ (Louis Armstrong)
My Heart+ (Louis Armstrong)
On the Sunny Side of the Street
Oriental Strut+ (Louis Armstrong)
Ory's Creole Trombone+ (Louis Armstrong)
Potato Head Blues+ (Louis Armstrong)
Royal Garden Blues+
St. James Infirmary
St. Louis Blues+
Shake That Thing+
That's A Plenty+
Tiger Rag+
West End Blues (Louis Armstrong)

+Indicates songs that also appear in the dance repertoire, with an optional electro-dixie-swing beat. 
Pop Songs Re-imagined (& Misc. Other Songs)
All About That Bass (different from dance version)
Bad Romance+
Blurred Lines+
Call Me Maybe+
Cantina Band (from Star Wars) - instrumental+
Careless Whisper (different from dance version)
Cheap Thrills+
Dancing Queen+
Get Lucky+
Hello Dolly - instrumental+
Love Yourself (different from dance version)
Safe & Sound (Capital Cities)+
Sweet Child Of Mine+
What A Wonderful World - instrumental
When I'm 64

+Indicates songs that also appear in the dance repertoire, with an optional electro-dixie-swing beat. 

Dance Set(s) (with Optional Electro-Dixie-Swing Beat):

We come prepared with well-balanced set lists that include a variety of repertoire and opportunities for both swing/lindy hop and Charleston dancing in each set. 

However, if you prefer to select your own songs, we recommend a relatively even mix between medium-fast versus fast tempo songs (swing/lindy hop versus Charleston), as well as balancing instrumental versus vocal numbers and period songs versus modern pop songs. Our sets include 5 medium-fast and 6 uptempo songs.

Medium-Fast Tempo Songs for East Coast Swing & Lindy Hop Dancing:

Period Vocal:
All Of Me
Crazy Rhythm
Exactly Like You
Fascinating Rhythm
Puttin’ On The Ritz
When I Get Low I Get High
Pop Vocal (Re-imagined in 1920s Style):
Cheap Thrills
Careless Whisper
Sweet Child Of Mine
Period Instrumental:
1919 Rag
Alexander’s Ragtime Band
The Entertainer
Fidgety Feet*
Gut Bucket Blues*
Mack The Knife
Muskrat Ramble*
My Heart*
Oriental Strut*
Ory’s Creole Trombone*
Potato Head Blues*
Royal Garden Blues
St. Louis Blues

*Selections from Louis Armstrong’s famous and ground-breaking Hot Five & Hot Seven recordings from 1926-1929. 

Uptempo Songs for Dancing the Charleston:

Period Vocal:
Everybody Loves My Baby
I Can’t Give You Anything But Love
I’ve Found A New Baby
I Got Rhythm 
It Don’t Mean A Thing
Pop Vocal (Re-imagined in 1920s Style):
All About That Bass
Bad Romance
Blurred Lines
Call Me Maybe
Careless Whisper
Dancing Queen
Get Lucky
Safe & Sound (Capital Cities)
Love Yourself
(Mostly) Period Instrumental:
Ain’t She Sweet
Cantina Band (from Star Wars)
Clarinet Marmalade
Hello Dolly
Shake That Thing
That’s A Plenty
Tiger Rag
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How To Book The Speakeasy Jazz Orchestra

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Step 2: If we're available, and a good fit, a 50% deposit and contract will secure the band for your event. The final balance is due a week before the event. 

Step 3: Plan your event & select your preferred repertoire! We'll be in touch as the event approaches to make sure you and your guests have an unforgettable vintage musical experience. 

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