How To Choose The Right Band 
For Your Event

Here at MonteJAZZ Vintage Bands, we offer a variety of different ensembles, each with their own individual style, repertoire, and “vibe.” At the moment, we offer five different bands, each of them special and unique in their own right. 

That may make it difficult to choose which band you want for your event! That's why we've created this simple guide to help you choose the most appropriate ensemble to make your event unique and unforgettable. 

How Will The Music Function?

Incidental Music

Incidental music sets a “mood” or “vibe” for the event, while allowing guests to converse, eat, or partake in other event activities without the music imposing too much. Incidental music is often purely instrumental (no vocalist), but can also include a vocalist. 

We offer three ensembles appropriate for Incidental Music: The Aaron Stanley Jazz Combo (purely instrumental), The Calico Jazz Cats (includes a female vocalist), and The Dixie Bootleggers (mostly instrumental, with band members taking turns singing some of the songs, or can be purely instrumental without singing). 

The vibe of each of these bands is completely different from the other. For a more serious “jazz club” vibe, choose The Aaron Stanley Jazz Combo. For something classy and elegant, but also fun, choose The Calico Jazz Cats. For something more upbeat and energetic that radiates pure joy and good times (not to mention a healthy dose of New Orleans), choose The Dixie Bootleggers

Concert or Show

A concert or show is appropriate for a dinner hour, or simply a private concert. Any of the bands we offer can put on a good show, depending on the tastes of your attendees. But our favorite for this is The Speakeasy Jazz Orchestra because of its upbeat vibe, hilarious antics, and energetic 1920s vibe. 

The Gorillas of Swing is also a great choice if you love the classic crooner repertoire sung by artists such as Frank Sinatra (and the rest of the Rat Pack), Michael Bublé, and others. 

Dance Music

We offer two clear choices in this area. The Speakeasy Jazz Orchestra and The Gorillas of Swing. The difference between them is the epoch they represent. The Speakeasy Jazz Orchestra sounds like it stepped out of a 1920s Harlem speakeasy! The Gorillas of Swing, on the other hand, pays homage to the great big bands of the late 30s and 40s. Both of these bands also present modern pop songs reimagined in their respective styles. 

What Vibe Are You Looking For?

For a “jazz club” vibe, we recommend The Aaron Stanley Jazz Combo or The Calico Jazz Cats. The first is purely instrumental. The second includes a female vocalist with unique, custom arrangements, and a more entertaining audience-focused vibe. 

For Dixieland (a.k.a. “Trad-Jazz” or New Orleans jazz), or something energetic, upbeat, joyful, and fun, choose The Dixie Bootleggers

For a 1920s vibe, we have 2 options. For a more instrumental “down & dirty” jazz band, along the lines of Louis Armstrong's "Hot Five" or "Hot Seven," choose The Dixie Bootleggers. For something a bit more sophisticated, with a Cabaret feel, and a configuration more along the lines of the late 1920s orchestras of Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, and Fletcher Henderson, that also includes modern pop songs re-imagined in the style, and something to dance the Charleston to, choose The Speakeasy Jazz Orchestra

For a 1940s vibe for swing dancing, or to hear your favorite “crooner” standards, choose The Gorillas of Swing

What Is Your Budget?

Lower Cost Options

The cost of each option we offer is a function of the number of musicians (and other staff) involved, and the amount of time the band plays. The lowest-cost options we offer would be something like a jazz soloist with backing tracks, or a jazz duo/trio performing standard jazz tunes. This would be best suited for relaxed incidental music. 

Medium Cost Options

Our medium cost options include the 4-6 member bands, such as The Calico Jazz Cats, The Dixie Bootleggers, or The Aaron Stanley Jazz Combo in a quartet or larger configuration. 

Premium Options

Our premium options include the larger bands (12 musicians) for parties: The Speakeasy Jazz Orchestra and The Gorillas of Swing

To find out specific costs, fill out the inquiry form below, and we'll get back to you with a quote. 

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