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DFW Event Planners: Let Our 100+ of Years of Collective Musical Experience Take Away the Stress & Worry from Booking a Musical Act for your Event

We create unique and unforgettable vintage-style musical experiences, with all the professionalism you expect and more... 

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"...we loved it from the moment they started until the very last song. We were like this 😍, and many of our guests also commented that The [Calico] Jazz Cats was brilliant!" (translated from Spanish.)
—Italia Alvarado
  • We create a unique and unforgettable vintage experience that is classy and elegant while also fun & entertaining. (This ain’t your average, "kinda boring" event jazz combo! Each band has a unique vibe, carefully selected repertoire, original arrangements, and passionate musicians who love the music!)
  • Custom tailored repertoire. We allow our client to select the songs they want to hear, or if desired, we'll come prepared with a well-balanced song selection appropriate for the event and audience, to make it more enjoyable for guests. (Is it a general audience? We’ll stick with well-known or interesting period songs, and modern pop songs they’ll recognize arranged in a vintage style. Does the client love Frank Sinatra… or Ella Fitzgerald? We’ve got ‘em covered. Lots of kids or kids-at-heart? We’ve got some favorite Disney songs on standby. Holiday Party? We got plenty of Christmas songs. Jazz lovers? Oh yeah, you know it!)

  • No awkward silences between songs. We always show up with a prepared set list (list of songs to play, in order) and original arrangements so we don’t have a 3-minute discussion between each song about what song to play next, and how to play it. We have a 15-second rule: no more than 15-seconds of silence. Ever. 
  • More songs per set. Unlike many other jazz ensembles, whose arrangements stretch to 10-minutes or more, we keep our arrangements short and concise so audiences will hear more songs per set. That translates into more opportunities to make someone’s day by playing a favorite song! 
  • Professional Audio. We bring our own professional audio engineer and sound equipment so the band always sounds great, is well-balanced, and the sound levels are appropriate for your event. If there is ever an issue with sound, you'll know who to talk to! 
  • We show up on timewell-prepareddressed appropriately, and act like the professionals we are. There is no place for unprofessionalism in our business. We also refrain from alcohol while working. 
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"Having The Dixie [Bootleggers] play in our wedding was truly one of the best decisions we made... Our guests loved the music so much they stood up to dance, and several of them commented how excited they were with the show. We were able to transport ourselves to the 1920s and enjoy something truly unforgettable."  (translated from Spanish)
Claudia Dávila

Has This Ever Happened To You?

  • You hired a “classy & elegant” jazz combo, but it was also kind of… boring and uninspiring?
  • The band took too long between songs, creating awkward silences?
  • Band members arrived late, or not dressed appropriately, or lacked professionalism in some way? 
  • The audio levels or balance wasn’t quite right?
We work hard to ensure that your event goes smoothly, that none of the above issues occur, and that you have ZERO to worry about when you book us. 
"Excellent band! If you like jazz music, they're the best. They are very professional, and the director, Aaron, is very nice and attentive to all your comments and ideas. Everyone at my wedding loved it! The music sounded excellent!" (Facebook recommendation, translated from Spanish)
Italia Díaz

We're Jazz Musicians, But We Don't Just "Wing-It."

Hi, I'm Aaron Stanley, the founder of MonteJAZZ Vintage Bands. As a freelance trumpet player, I've played in hundreds of events with many different bands over the years (including being the bandleader in over 100 events with my own bands). During that time, I've observed what tends to hold the audience's attention, versus what has them tuning out.

With that experience, I wanted to create something unique and unforgettable: vintage style bands that really stand out in presenting a musical experience that is so unique and entertaining it will be remembered for a lifetime. That's why I created MonteJAZZ Vintage Bands. (That, and because I really love vintage jazz!)
I also wanted to make the event planning process a little less stressful for the event planner by doing all the hard work and heavy lifting related to music for the event. If you're the event planner, you can rest assured of...

  1. Easy Booking: Our booking process is very easy and streamlined to make it as quick and painless as possible. 
  2. Less Work: Once you book the band, we'll take it from there and take charge of the musical entertainment for the event, so you don't have to worry about it. We will meet with your client for any specific song requests, needs, or preferences, and coordinate with you on the timing, but we'll handle all the details. 
  3. Less Worry: We will arrive to the event on-time, well prepared, and appropriately dressed for the occasion. In addition, each band member is an experienced professional, and we act as such. We also don't drink while working. 
  4. No Awkward silences, and all the other benefits listed in the bullet points above. 

Check out the various vintage style ensembles we offer. The comparison charts below can help you select the right one for your event, then get in touch with us about availability and pricing. 
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Five Unique Experiences (& Many Themes) To Choose From...

"Thank you very much for the music. Our guests were truly impressed. There were many comments about the music, like 'where did you get these musicians??,' 'Very impressive!,' and that they felt transported to another place, as if they were in 1940s New York, and such comments. Thank you very much for the excellent music and for creating such a cool vibe!"   (Translated from Spanish)
Arnoldo Lopez

The Calico Jazz Cats (1920s-60s vocal jazz standards + re-imagined pop)

The Calico Jazz Cats is a classic acoustic jazz quintet with female vocalist and trumpet soloist, presenting over 100 years of jazz & pop, making it the most versatile and adaptable of all the ensembles we offer. 

The Aaron Stanley Jazz Combo (1920s-60s instrumental jazz standards)

The Aaron Stanley Jazz Combo is a classic acoustic jazz combo featuring trumpeter Aaron Stanley, with a flexible instrumentation to accommodate tastes, venue, and budget. 

The Dixie Bootleggers (1920s New Orleans style jazz)

The Dixie Bootleggers is a traditional high-energy New Orleans style Dixieland band that plays all your favorite Dixie standards and more! 

The Speakeasy Jazz Orchestra (1920's jazz + re-imagined pop)

The Speakeasy Jazz Orchestra offers a 1920's quasi-Cabaret dinner show featuring solo vocal and instrumental numbers, and even optional dancers... then kicks off the party with nonstop 1920s-style jazz for dancing the Charleston and swing. It features a female "flapper" vocalist backed by a band with similar configuration as late 1920s jazz bands such as Duke Ellington, Fletcher Henderson, and Cab Calloway. 

The Gorillas Of Swing (1930s-60s swing + re-imagined pop)

The Gorillas of Swing are the "kings of the swinging jungle," playing swing and Neo-swing favorites, plus a selection of modern pop re-imagined in the style. It can do a dinner show with all your favorite crooner standards featuring a male vocalist, then kick off the party with non-stop swing music for dancing. 

Trying To Decide Which Band Is Best For Your Event? We've Made A Handy Guide...

We've written a guide for choosing the right band, which also includes the charts below, which will be helpful in making the appropriate choice. 

"They made our wedding a magical moment!" (Facebook recommendation, translated from Spanish)
Mercedes Moguel

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